Asun Homes Vol. 4 magazine


Varasto loppu

184 pages


Homes up north

New structures shake up familiar patterns and open doors to the unforeseen. We have time to re-evaluate how and where would we live and how would we work. Asun Homes Vol. 4 is dedicated to private spaces that offer an inspiring, multi-purpose backdrop for living and working. Captured on the pages, you will find contemporary abodes that offer a comfortable space to work as well as studio homes blurring the lines between work and leisure time.
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Foreword • Change is a Chance.
Writer´s Chamber • Streamlined design and a tranquil backdrop for writing.
Marriage of Ceramics and Architecture • The house of Karin Widnäs is a playground for experimentation.
Lallukka Artists’ Home • An atelier at the renowned Lallukka Artists’ Home was like winning the lottery.
New Working Order • A workspace where inspiration and thoughts flow.
Time Travel at Nissbacka • Sculptor Laila Pullinen’s one-of-a-kind atelier home.
Form and Function • Ateljé Sotamaa designed an experimental wooden house called Meteorite in North Karelia.
Filmmaker’s Hut • Inspired by romantic nationalism, symbolism and 1980s adventure films.
Not Counting the Hours • Studio as a second living room.
Colour Power • A colourful home is like a large-scale doll’s house for testing novelties.
Japanese Touches • Finnish architecture meets Japanese aesthetics, joy and playfulness
Mirror of the Soul • Travel souvenirs and experiences breathe soul.
The Past here and Now • A harmonious colour palette and natural materials evoke a special mood.
Cabin Project • An abandoned house received a new lease of life.
Sustainable and Serene • Majamaja is a cabin and solution for sustainable leisure time where less is more.
The Aalto House • The home of Alvar Aalto seems just as modern today as eighty years ago.
Artworks and Chairs • The avant-garde atelier of designer Yrjö Kukkapuro.

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