Asun Homes Vol. 1 magazine


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184 pages


Homes up north

Asun Homes puts together almost twenty inspiring and distinctive homes in Finland and one Finnish home in Switzerland. Every home has its own special feeling and aesthetic language. The personal environments are unique, but at the same time all of them are easily approachable. Asun Homes is the first English issue of Asun magazine.
English text.



Foreword • Memories of spaces.
Subtle Elegance • Mental images, inspired by history and dreams, determined the mood of the home.
Time and timelessness • An old chapel became a timeless and sensual city home.
Studies of an Interior • The home of Johanna Gullichsen is built in layers.
Kotola • A happy alliance of wood and modern architecture.
Brutal Concrete • The bare and beautiful concrete loft of Ville Kokkonen and Florencia Colombo.
Counter attack to minimalism • A sculpture by Pekka Jylhä moves to Hotel St. George.
A House Made Of Thousands Of Details • Lauri Ylönen, the lead singer of The Rasmus, contemplates on houses and homes.
Home is a Process • Lasse Laine and Marianna Sorsa turned an old village school into a fascinating residence.
Frosty Koskela • Architect Teemu Hirvilammi designed a modern and graceful home for a skating champion.
So Much Beauty! • The city apartment of Annika Tammi and her family is like a jewellery box full of precious treasures.
Space for Silence • For Ville Andersson the studio is an installation that guides to toward the own form of expression.
Place for Imagination • Klaus Haapaniemi’s relaxed and moody residence in Finland is refurbished little by little.
A Powerful Wave • With a steady hand, Seppo Mäntylä drew curvy lines that became the shape of a bold house.
A House made of Wood • Tapani Takkunen designed a simple and compact wooden house.
Resident: Peace • Teemu Järvi’s home depicts a mental landscape.
Home Machine • Every object in Erno Forsström’s gallery-style studio apartment has been selected carefully.
About Home and Things • A sensitive minimalist talks about home and objects.
Treasures • Homes change but the essential things remain and make a place a home.
Open/Close • Hanni Koroma feels the essence of a space.

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