Asun Homes Vol. 5 magazine




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Homes up north

What makes a particular home intriguing is something of an enigma. We can dissect and analyze yet will rarely be able to unravel the mystery. After all, it may be fairly similar to others, yet the difference is crucial. Some homes simply have it – charisma. An evocative space doesn’t appear from nowhere or in an instant; it’s the sum of many parts that hit the sweet spot.
Asun Homes Vol. 5 opens the doors to 16 unique homes, each with its special character, breathing at its own pace.
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Foreword • Mystery.
Gentle and Considered • The home of Iina Kettunen and Unto Rautio is wrapped in carefully considered serenity.
Villa Koivikko • Where every detail is perfectly proportioned and purposeful – with a timeless beauty.
At Its Finest in the Afternoon • Sculptor Pekka Jylhä’s home is a place for listening to the rustling of trees.
Beauty Above All • Poiat Studio designed an inviting, elegant and functional home for a family with children.
Colourful Harmony • The unique Asun x Skanno Home is a play of colour and form.
Where the Light Moves • The leisure time home in the coastal town of Hanko is a place for me-time or mingle.
House of Vuokko and Antti Nurmesniemi • Causing a stir when it was built, the unique house of the renowned designer couple is just as modern and impressive today.
Effortless Elegance • The family home is an intriguing combination of a relaxed vibe and an air of sophistication.
At Home with Anna Teurnell • A white and bright home comes naturally to the designer who knows what she likes.
Constant and Ever Changing • The effortlessly elegant home provides a timeless backdrop for life and art.
Perfect Balance • Ilona Palmunen describes her home as a melting pot of styles and stories.
Marriage of Daily Living and Aesthetics • Beauty meets rationale in the home designed by Ilkka Palinperä.
Up Close and Personal • Sophisticated textures and soft tones create an inviting mood.
First Home Together • The shared home becomes shaped with dreams, experimentation and daily life.
True to Form • Instead of decorating, the home of ceramic artist Leena Kouhia becomes formed through necessity and aesthetics.
Slice of Italy and Something Blue • The couple took their cues from their favourite colour and country.

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