Asun Homes Vol.6 magazine


184 pages

Homes up north

What makes a particular home intriguing is something of an enigma. We can dissect and analyze yet will rarely be able to unravel the mystery. After all, it may be fairly similar to others, yet the difference is crucial. Some homes simply have it – charisma. An evocative space doesn’t appear from nowhere or in an instant; it’s the sum of many parts that hit the sweet spot.
Asun Homes Vol. 6 opens the doors to unique homes, each with its special character, breathing at its own pace.
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Foreword • Power of Beauty.
A Piece of the Past • Tyyne-Kerttu Virkki’s home museum has timeless elegance and warm cosiness.
Respecting Atmosphere and Era • It feels like furniture the residents have been collecting would have finally found their home.
In Original Spirit • Listen what the building is telling you. A makeover of a terraced house flat.
Spaces Within the Spaces • Artist Jennifer Lipkin’s 50-square-metre one-bedroom flat has proven to be highly adaptable.
Softly Reduced • How to create atmosphere of home in a rental flat when you are not allowed even to paint the walls?
Design Finds – Stars of the Decor • At the collector’s home timeless design of the past decades is appreciated as much as a good atmosphere.
Sense of Style • At the renovation of interior architect Joanna Laajisto’s family home everything was either preserved or recycled.
Unique Villa Kokkonen • Alvar Aalto designed the house for his friend composer Joonas Kokkonen. As a salary, he asked for a couple lines of music.
Power of Nature • The arctic nature of Lapland surrounds the large and robust log buildings of the painter Reidar Särestöniemi.
Reserved for Guests • In this guest house, the atmosphere is far from tame.
Hues do Matter • There are more tones in architect couple’s clean-cut home than you realize at first glance.
Frenzy of Creativity • In Enni Id’s home, every centimetre is filled with colour and patterns. They have also taken over furniture and even the smaller household items.
Dialogue • Architecture from the 1960s meets warm décor in a home combining old and new.
Rough and Cosy • A rough but beautiful home was build in a raw loft space.
Guided by Architecture • Joanna Amemori’s interior designs combine solutions typical of the construction era and edgy elements deviating the first ones.

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